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Case Study
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Conventions and Meetings
The Source Magazine Fashion Nation Tour

To promote the "Fashion Nation Tour" initiative with increased visibility of The Source Magazine amongst a target audience of 18-25 year old colleges students in 25 urban and rural markets nationwide.

To introduce new Urban Fashion Marketers to the 18-25 year old target market.

Program Elements:

Utilized the influence of Hip Hop and Urban Fashion Designers to target consumers in the Urban Market

Procured, trained and managed 30 promotional models for The Source Sponsored Fashion Shows at the college and/or university

Distributed information and interacted with targeted consumers

  1. Tour resulted in a 50% increase in single copy sales, enabling The Source Magazine to become the number one selling music magazine per single copy sale. Ad pages in the Source Magazine increased by 25%.
  2. New urban Marketers gained unprecedented exposure in urban and rural markets.