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DVD Release of ''Mixology 101'' with Michael Brown
Michael Brown Mixology 101 Dvd Release

After several years of promoting Michael Brown as the "Maestro of Mixology" successfully on CNN, The Washington Post, The Today Show, Food & Wine and other media outlets, Couture was charged with revving up the results in 2005, despite a lack of new news. Couture was asked to publicize a DVD, "Mixology 101," while continuing to help advance the brand of Michael Brown as the nation's top bartender.


Encourage consumer interaction and product trial

Generate 50% more media coverage than the previous year's

To launch the DVD "Mixology 101" of Michael Brown, America's #1 bartender in one of the largest spirits markets in the USA: Washington, DC.

To solicit sponsorship and in-kind donation of premium spirits

Program Elements:

Procurement of premium spirit sponsorship and endorsement: HANGAR ONE Vodka and Carnivo Menuet

Premium Venue procured

Creation of Marketing Materials, handbills, invitations and signage

Assembly of Media list and targeted consumer list

Distributed information and interacted with targeted consumers, media and special guests.

  1. Invitation only reception was held with personal invitations sent to 235 people with RSVP of 189. HANGAR ONE Vodka provided libations for more than 300 patrons of the Michael Brown Social.
  2. 186 patrons sampled a new product
  3. Sixty percent of placements included at least two new messages.
  4. Media placement goal exceeded by 85%.
  5. "Michael Brown: Maestro of Mixology" brand strengthened