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The Central Bank of Nigeria
The Central Bank of Nigeria

The objectives of the macroeconomic program set forth by the IMF were to increase real GDP growth to 3.4 percent in 2000 from 1 percent in 1999; achieve an annual inflation of 5.1 percent; attain external current account surplus of 0.2 percent of GDP in 2000 from a deficit of over 11 percent of GDP in 1999; and accumulate foreign exchange reserves to the tune of US$7.8 billion, the equivalent of 5.5 months of imports of goods and services for the banking infrastructure of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Couture was asked to broker an invitaton only brunch during the Annual World Bank and IMF meetings, while continuing to publicize the advancement of the future after banking sector consolidation.


To successfully implement a strategy to attract investment in Nigerian economy from foreign creditors.

Encourage participation in Central Bank of Nigeria activities during the World Bank and IMF annual meeting

To generate 50% more media coverage of Central Bank Initiatives

To increase investment in Nigeria by at least 50%

The deliver a presentation by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria to leaders in the global banking industry and esteemed members of the World Bank.

Program Elements:

Expedited 24 hour turn-around of an investment event for stakeholders and fund managers

Procurement of Venue

Creation of Marketing Materials, handbills, invitations and signage

Assembly of Media list and targeted consumer list

Hand delivery of 250 targeted invitations

300 telephone calls to members of the international banking community who attended World Bank meetings

  1. As a resut of this event, 100 attendees attended the presentation, surpassing the original goal of 50
  2. International business community informed of international trade resources and results of banking in Nigeria post banking sector consolidation
  3. Well attended by media and key members of the global banking community
  4. Traffic to increased by 50%. Media placement goal was surpassed by 57%.