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Michael Brown, Mixologist

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Celebrity bartender / mixologist known for creating signature libations which appeared in CNN, The Today Show, The Washington Post, BBC, People Magazine and more.

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Michael Brown, the Panamanian born charismatic libations Mixologist is shaking up Washington, DC and the fast-growing international spirits industry. Most noteworthy for the “Cicada Cocktail,” Michael Brown creates original cocktail recipes for nearly every occasion.

Credited for beguiling cocktail names, Brown graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. His love for bartending began as a hobby when he bartended part-time while in college. Upon graduation, Michael was presented with an opportunity to bar keep at one of the trendiest venues in Washington, DC, DREAM Nightclub. After leaving DREAM he opened Degrees Bar at the Ritz-Carlton in the affluent area of Georgetown [home of Georgetown University], in Washington, DC. It was here where Michael garnered media attention for his spectacular cocktails.

Named “Washington’s Best Bartender” in 2005 by The Washington Post, Michael Brown’s cocktail recipes and commentary gained regional media attention in, The Hill, the Washingtonian and the Baltimore Sun. His signature libations were in such high demand that the Ritz-Carlton decided to print “All Mixed Up: Secre Recipes for Great Libations from the Master of Mixology,” a cocktail recipe book which showcased Brown’s signature libations. Subsequently, The Ritz-Carlton featured the recipe books in more than 135 Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide.

For the 2004 presidential election, Brown incited a friendly political frenzy when he created the “Kerry Kamikaze Cocktail,” “Edwards Southern Coolout,” Reverend Al Sharpton’s “River Jordan”, Howard Dean’s “The Deantini,” General Wesley Clark’s “The Clark Bar,” and “George W. Bush’s “Hussein Chaser.”

Michael Brown’s political cocktails rallied the voters in Washington, DC and Degrees Bar and The Ritz-Carlton was unofficially named as the busiest bar in town. In 2005, Michael Brown garnered national media attention with the creation of the “Cicada Cocktail,” a cocktail made in honor of the returning Cicada insect. As a result, Brown appeared on CNN, The Today Show, BBC, Food and Wine, Epicurious.com and received countless other mentions. Also in 2005, Michael Brown released his instructional DVD, “Mixology 101,” to socialites, business professionals and other DC elite.

Equally impressive are “Michael Brown’s Bartending Classes,” held monthly at The Ritz-Carlton and other locations to a “standing room only” libations aficionados. In high demand, Michael Brown is available for both private and corporate functions for a modest fee.

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